A Color Thing: Traffic Light Colors

Three colors exist on every traffic light. Those colors are red, yellow, and green. Each color has a different instruction that entail drivers the next steps to take to stay safe while driving their automobile. You should understand the colors and their definitions to ensure that you drive safely on the roads. Need more information? Look below to find those details.


Red is the color of danger. You see it on fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, after all. The red light is the light that tells you to stop. Failure to stop at a red light could very well result in an accident, since other drivers have green lights and the right of way.


Yellow traffic lights are caution lights so when you see the light is yellow, it is time to take caution. The light indicates that the light is changing to red, or stop, in a matter of seconds, and drivers should proceed with caution or stop and wait until the next light to proceed through traffic.


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A green light signals that   it is safe for you to proceed through the intersection. You should watch out for pedestrians, people riding bicycles, and other hazards when the light is green, even though it is your signal to go.  There may be a green arrow that you see on the light. This is a turn signal and indicates that it is safe to turn at the intersection.

Traffic Light Matters

Know your colors before you get behind the wheel of an automobile. Without this knowledge, you are bound to be involved in an accident sooner instead of later. You won’t need to buy a traffic control supplies washington to stay safe when you know the traffic light colors and their meanings.