Just One More Chair For Your Do

You have a small enough house as it is. And sensibly, you have elected to raise a small family. It would have been perfect if you could have had one boy and a girl too. The perfect model family. But no, you and your husband’s genes have chosen to give yourselves two boys. They grew up healthy and strong alright. They’ve been quite a handful, one after the next. You wonder sometimes though. Wouldn’t it have been better or more practical to have twins instead?

Because here comes your first born’s Bar Mitzvah. The Rabbi’s been around and he’s already taken his dues. It’s quite an expense, wouldn’t you know. And just where are all the guests going to sit? You only have so many chairs in the house. And just one or two tables. Here is where all the kosher eats will be placed. Do you cater or do you get the girls over to help you prepare? Probably better to cater.

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More time to yourself and to go shopping for a new dress. Got to buy the boy a new suit too. Better speak to hubby about that one. Buying chairs is just no dice. Will have to go along with the downtown chair rental baltimore business then. It’s just as well. We only have so many friends in the world. It’s just as well there’s no girls. Because God forbid, the girls have to get married. Would have to hire a banquet hall for that show. And they say.

Girls are a lot more expensive to raise than boys. Or is it the other way round. Hard to remember. Happens when you leave raising kids to such a late age. But kids they are, and they’re priceless.